Our Staff

Our experienced team of teachers represent a wide range of ethnic and religious backgrounds. They are a team of highly trained professionals, who have taken the St James ethos to heart. St James Durban staff meet the challenges of their work with love and good humour, setting a strong example in self-discipline.

Each of the classes has a full time class teacher,  who teaches the core subjects.  To enhance this we have a Visual Arts Specialist who comes in twice a week.  Drama and Music are also taught by specialist teachers.

IsiZulu is our First Additional Language and is taught by an isiZulu specialist.  Laboratory based Natural Science takes place in our state of the art Science Lab by a science specialist with experience in both Government and Independent High Schools.

Our valued Support Staff not only ensures the cleanliness and safety of our school, they have been given the skills and opportunity to get involved in the academic and administrative side of the school.  Our Facilities Manager also serves as a Lab Assistant, 2 of our cleaners help with the Junior Primary Literacy Programme and our third cleaner is trained in basic office admin.

Lisa Welthagen is our competent and passionate Headmistress, she is ably assisted and supported by Anria Ebersohn our Deputy Headmistress.  Our Management Team follows a hands-on approach by teaching specialist subjects to every grade throughout the school.  This gives them the opportunity to get to know and engage with each and every child at St James Durban.

The Management Team are guided by a committed School Board who get involved in all areas of school life. Their expertise range from knowledge of the law, finance, philosophy, human resources as well as education.  The chairman, of the Board, Mr Heren Ramawtar, serves as an important link between St James and The School of Philosophy, who we share our beautiful property with.   St James relies on the wisdom and advice of The School of Philosophy.